Professional Personal Trainer Shows Which Weight Loss Resources Are Optimal For Healthy Weight Loss

I am a professional personal trainer and I want to explain that in order to achieve healthy weight loss it is important to understand what is actually happening within the body for weight loss to occur and more importantly how to burn fat. The truth is fat can only be burnt aerobically by the body but this does not mean that a high volume of aerobic exercise is optimal to burn body fat at least not within a general population. The optimal way to burn body fat is to create a calorie deficit; this basically means that you must burn more calories per day than what you ingest and when this happens healthy weight loss will naturally occur. So your first thought when trying to lose weight should be to ask yourself what weight loss resources are available to me that will create the greatest calorie deficit?

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What you need to understand underpinning principles that creating a calorie deficit is based on because this will allow you to then choose many different activities that will help you to lose weight. Small muscle groups e.g. the biceps or triceps burn only a small amount of calories so doing a lot of bicep curls or tricep extensions will not be effective when trying to create a calorie deficit. What you really should be doing is exercising large muscle groups such as the chest, back or legs and performing compound exercises e.g. squats is optimal when trying to achieve a healthy weight loss. A professional personal trainer can teach you how to perform compound exercises and will prepare a training programme that consists of exercises that incorporate major muscle groups and compound exercises for the purpose of losing weight.

By far the most effective method of burning fat is long duration aerobic exercise or otherwise known as steady state training and although it is low intensity so therefore does not burn a lot of calories you do use fat as fuel whilst you are exercising. When you have finished exercising aerobically then your body will continue to burn more calories than it usually would for a further two hours by it number one optimal method of fat loss within the weight loss resources. Unfortunately for aerobic exercise to be an effective healthy weight loss method it must be performed continuously for one to hours per day and would therefore really only suit people within an athletic population.

Now you know the pros and cons to low intensity exercise think about the possibility of performing high intensity exercise and the effect that high intensity exercise has on the body. High intensity exercise does burn fat as fuel but does in fact burn a great many calories in a short space of time and making it an optimal method for losing weight because it can add considerably to creating a calorie deficit and hence a healthy weight loss. Examples of high intensity exercise are sprint training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), weight training etc all these activities a professional personal trainer can help you to achieve particularly if you are the type of person that needs pushing. The added bonus to high intensity exercise comes from the fact that when you stop exercising the body will continue to burn more calories at rest for a further forty eight hours adding yet more calories to that calorie deficit.

Now you know that losing weight is not rocket science you just have to apply a few basic principles for it to work. You will know which methods within the weight loss resources that are right for you and as long as you create a calorie deficit healthy weight loss is guaranteed.

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