A Natural and Magic Weight Loss Program to Help With Losing Weight and Lower Cholesterol

This isn't just a bunch of hype people! This is a program I tried out for myself last year. Because of health issues, I had to consume foods that were low on the glycemic index; in other words, foods that wouldn't spike my blood sugar levels. And while doing this, I became SUPER-lean and lost a significant amount of weight. However, the benefits from this weight loss program did not just end with a much more leaner body! Yes, losing weight was great, but I also substantially improved my heart health after losing weight and eating foods affiliated with this routine.

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This diet plan and program is AWESOME for people out there hoping to drop weight rather quickly and safely regardless of where you're at in your "weight loss" journey. If you're starting out on losing weight, I suggest taking baby steps so you do not get discouraged. Do it little by little and as you begin to see results you'll be more pumped to continue with your program!

It's very sad, sometimes I believe that a lot of folks simply just throw the towel in earl on and think to themselves, "I am way too overweight I'll never be able to lose any weight." Or "I'm too out-of-shape, I'll never be able to be like those in-shape people!" First off, don't worry about everyone else, WORRY ONLY ABOUT YOU! Secondly, if you are starting out on your road to become healthier or losing weight, look to make small changes first and enjoy those benefits. It's completely fine to take your time and do things slowly. It doesn't have to all be achieved in one day. It may take a bit of time to lose weight. Do NOT let yourself get overwhelmed, just take that first step towards weight loss!

Small changes that lead to any kind of benefits are accomplishments! Be proud of them! For example, if you drink cokes every single day, and you are able to STOP drinking cokes, well you have taken a HUGE step towards getting healthier and losing weight. I was NEVER supposed to be muscular or in shape! I have had cancer 4 times, 13 surgeries, lots of chemo and somehow, after hard work, determination and help from some good people, I managed to get up to 190 pounds with 14% body fat.

Now, the diet and routine is a routine that provides the body with a minimal amount of COMPLEX carbs (raw oatmeal, sweet potatoes) and then foods high in protein and fat throughout the day. Also, you will want to eat fresh vegetables like spinach, peppers, tomatoes, etc. Watch out for canned vegetables because of additives and all of the sodium.

So here is how it works, I am sure you have heard of the low carb diet, well this is not the same but definitely has some of the same qualities I guess; but you are still eating some carbs on this diet. This is more like the South Beach diet (although not the South Beach diet either) and the reason why I am a fan of this diet is because after personally doing this diet MYSELF my heart physician asked me what I was doing to bring my cholesterol down to such great levels and lean up so well!

So, here is the MAGIC diet plan for your weight loss!:

The Weight Loss Diet Plan

MEAL 1: A small bowl of raw oatmeal with fresh blueberries and 2 egg whites.

MEAL 2: Whey isolate protein shake with soy or almond milk and/or water. (Make sure to buy a protein powder that's low in sugar and low in carbs.)

MEAL 3: A salad with peppers, (vegetables), nuts and grilled steak or chicken.

MEAL 4: Cottage cheese with blueberries or raspberries.

MEAL 5: Fish, salad and green beans.

**If you SERIOUSLY are wanting to turn this up a notch and speed up your weight loss, add a natural appetite suppressant like hoodia and you will substantially improve your results!**

Okay now, this is a basic diet program of course. You can alter this diet as needed and snack on low glycemic foods as you need to. As long as you keep complex carbs to a minimum, as I have in this diet, you may consume all of the protein and fat you desire! And why do you ask? Well, because IF you are eating carbohydrates, your body is burning carbohydrates as a source for energy and STORING ALL of your fat on your booty! Now, quit the carbohydrates and just guess what becomes your energy source; THE FAT THAT WOULD OTHERWISE BE ON YOUR HINEY!

Foods Safe to Eat on this Diet

- All nuts

- All cheeses

- Any meat

- Vegetables

- All berries

- Oatmeal in small quantities (amount depends on how much activity you do per day), sweet potatoes and other types of complex carbohydrates

- Any foods low on the glycemic index!

**PLEASE NOTE! When you begin this diet, in the initial phase your energy levels will most likely drop quite a bit, but PLEASE just give it time and you'll see your energy shoot through the roof, and fat start dropping off your body!**

Okay, so the diet part is down. If you will just stick with that and a good ol' natural hoodia supplement as I suggested, weight will start to peel off of you!

So, how about turning it all up even ONE MORE notch! Add in cardio at least 3 times a week. Just simply walking 3 times a week for around 20 to 30 minutes can DRASTICALLY help you shed fat weight AND help lower your cholesterol!

So, try this and see how good it works, you can always build on this as well, think about adding in some weight training at some point and improving muscle tone.

And as ALWAYS, **BE SURE TO SPEAK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING ANY NEW DIET PLAN AND/OR EXERCISE PROGRAM, especially if you have any health concerns or are taking prescription medications! Now be your you stick with it and you'll DEFINITELY be losing weight with this program!

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