Rebuild Your Health for Permanent Weight Loss

The Boomerang Effect: For people who are serious about losing weight, it is generally not too difficult to find a way to drop a significant number of pounds. However, it is not easy to fool the body for very long. In an overwhelming majority of cases, not only do people gain back all the weight they managed to lose, they end up adding more pounds than they carried in the first place. Why does this happen?

People mistakenly view being overweight or obese as a problem unto itself, rather than seeing it for what it really is, which is a symptom of poor health, as well as an underlying disturbance with the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Crash dieting and rapid weight loss is just another attempt at a quick fix, a temporary measure that merely sweeps symptoms under the carpet while missing the real problem entirely.

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We all need to realize that there are no diet plans, packaged meals, pills, potions, gadgets, or gimmicks that can ever begin to compete with our bodies' own built-in intelligence. The best possible weight loss strategy is to start thinking about your body's fundamental nutritional needs.

Rebuilding your Health: The truth is, there is only one way to achieve lasting weight loss, and that is within the context of building health. If you are overweight, you are bound to have other problems within your body and nagging ailments of one kind or another. They may not be as noticeable or as bothersome as your weight, but they are every bit as significant. That is why you need to address all your health problems in a comprehensive way.

By treating your weight as an issue that is separate from your health, you will never be able to achieve or maintain your ideal weight. But if you focus on balancing your body chemistry with a way of eating that supports your metabolic individuality, you can solve multiple health problems including excess weight, all at once.

The good news is that weight loss is not an endless, futile struggle when it is approached logically, within the larger context of the pursuit of health. What happens then is that weight drops off naturally and effortlessly, and it stays off, because you are building health at the same time.

Permanent Weight Loss: So, weight normalization is simply one component of a much broader picture that involves balanced and efficient metabolism at every level in the body. That is why the secret of achieving permanent weight loss is to address it within the context of a program designed, first and foremost, to building health. Enter the Permanent Weight Loss Program from the Preventative Health Center.

The program systematically deals with the underlying health issues that are contributing to your weight gain, and fixes them, one after the other. In the recovery phase we normalize your digestion, elimination, and other bodily functions. This sets you up for the rebuilding phase. It is in this phase where you rebuild your health from the ground up and from the inside out. The benefits are that the pounds drop off easily and effortlessly, and remain off for good.

This is the way it should be!

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